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Setup BoxBilling to Resell cPanel Web Hosting

July 24, 2014, Written by 23 comments

BoxBilling is becoming one of the most popular free platforms that online businesses use for their initial service launch and offering. We now provide support for Reseller Customers using to wish BoxBilling, as this gets them off the ground for relatively low cost!

BoxBilling can be downloaded directly from their website.

Once you have installed BoxBilling and done all the initial basic setup, you’ll want to dive quickly into getting the products sorted before really getting the rest ready (we’re all the same, a little keen!).

Setting up the automation is pretty easy –

Go to Configuration > Hosting Plans and Servers > New Server tab

Add a New Server

Name - The name of your server, e.g. Web-1
Hostname - Your server's hostname, e.g OR This is used to connect and generate a link to the control pannel, you can use either a hostname or IP address
IP Address - Your server ip address, ie: This is the most important server setting. API uses this IP to connect to server manager.
Assigned IP Addresses - The List the IP Addresses that are assigned to your server here
Server Access - You will most likely be a Reseller if on our services, so you must select the Reseller Accounts option. If you have purchased a Virutal Server, or a Dedicated Server, you will need to select that you have root access on this server as you can also setup other reseller accounts on this server.
Enable/Disable - Servers that are disabled will not be shown in the drop down menus
Nameservers - Primary/Secondary/Tertiary/Quaternary Nameservers - these are the nameservers for your server, eg. and Ours are typically
Server Manager - The type of server manager installed on server.
Server Manager username - The username to connect to server manager API. Usually name you use to connect to your control panel
Server Manager password - The password for user to connect to server manager API. Leave this field blank for cPanel/WHM
Access Hash - RECOMMENDED, use only with cPanel/WHM instead of a password. This is the "Remote Access Key" found in WHM

Next, you need to Create a New Hosting Plan.

Go to Configuration > Hosting Plans and Servers > New Hosting Plan tab

Follow this through, and then fill in the details of the package accordingly, relating it to the server that you have just added above.

Finally, you need to then Add Product. When you add the product, you will need to ensure that it is correctly matched with the Server and Hosting Plan you have added.

Products > Products / Services > New Product

You should now be up and running with BoxBilling for a Web Hosting package! You can find out more from their documentation here.

James Ensor

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