High Availability VPS London Cloud Servers

Why choose our Cloud Virtual Servers

Uptime Guarnatee

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We use the latest hardware, and our infrastructure is fully redundant. You are in safe hands with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Secure Backups

Backups Every 4 Hours

We backup your server every 4 hours to our secure facility. Rest assured your files, emails and databases are safe.

UK Dedicated Support

UK Dedicated Support

Our servers and staff are all based in the UK. We're always on hand to help. We are based in central London.



15% Discount

Click Configure Now to customise your cloud server specification to meet your exact requirements.

Cloud Server 1

Our basic cloud server ready to power your website or application

£ 5 /month

Cloud Server 2

Our most popular cloud server supercharged with NVM SSDs

£ 20 /month

Cloud Server 3

Need more power? Customise and configure at the checkout

£ 40 /month

Cloud Server 1

Our basic cloud server ready to power your website or application

£ 0.0114 /hour

Cloud Server 2

Our most popular cloud server supercharged with NVM SSDs

£ 0.0467 /hour

Cloud Server 3

Need more power? Customise and configure at the checkout

£ 0.0945 /hour

Customise your cloud servers below

Configure your Cloud Virtual Servers

  • CPU

  • Bandwidth

  • Hot Migration

  • RAM

  • Setup

  • OS

  • Disk Space

  • IP

  • Virtualisation

Cloud Servers

Standard Featuers

100% Carbon Neutral

The data centres we use provide power sourced from 100% carbon neutral, renewable energy providers from UK wind farms.

NVM SSD Disk Space

NVMe SSD Ceph Storage

Our Cloud Servers use NVMe SSD storage on Red Hat Ceph Storage for maximum speed and redundancy.

Low Latency

Low latency network infrastructure provides you with the best performance.

Dedicated IP Address

Each Cloud Server comes with its own dedicated IPv4 address. Get in touch if you need to purchase more.

Daily Backups

Management Control Panel

Our Management Control Panel provides you with full control of your cloud server to configure exactly to your requirements.

PHP Selector

4 Hourly Backups

Your Cloud Servers will be incrementally backed-up every 4 hours to minimise any potential data loss.

Free Migration

KVM Virtualisation with Hot Migration

KVM is our standard virtualisation. In the event of node failure, your cloud server will be migrated seamlessly in seconds.

Up to 10Gbps Port Speed

Gain access to network speeds up to 10Gbps to maximise connectivity to trading servers.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Don't worry about bandwidth restrictions. Our Cloud Servers come with unmetered bandwidth at no extra cost.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

We always use enterprise grade hardware to ensure maximum reliability and availability.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Day money back guarantee

30 day money back guarantee no questions asked for complete peace of mind.

Secure Hosting

Secure NVMe Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage combined with the latest equipment to keep you online.

Frequently Asked Questions


As standard our Cloud Virtual Servers are unmanaged.

We do offer Managed Services for an additional monthly fee.

Find out more information on our Managed Services page.

Usually your Cloud Server is deployed instantly and automatically once payment has been completed.

If you are ordering a Windows Cloud Server, this sometimes takes a little longer depending on the number of Windows updates required to be completed before Remote Desktop lets you in!

You will receive a Welcome Email with your server information and credentials in order to get started.

If you have any problems please contact our Support Desk.

It’s really a terminology thing in our eyes!

Our Cloud Servers and Virtual Servers are exactly the same. They are Virtual Machines deployed into our high availability node cluster.

A lot of Virtual Server Providers tend to take one Dedicated Server, and then virtualise on the machine. We do the same – however with one big difference. We use  many servers to virtualise, load balancing and ensuring that all of the Virtual Servers (or Cloud Servers) have plenty of resources shared amongst them to perform. 

In our environment, if there is a network issue or hardware failure, the Virtual Machines running on the node will automatically be migrated in real-time to a server with sufficient resources seconds after the issue occurs. 

Storage is another critical difference in our cloud environment. Your Virtual Server has the data replicated 3 times across multiple drives in multiple servers. 

Overall we operate many more servers than we need in order to minimise any issues in case of multiple node failure.

If you need any more information on how our cloud infrastructure works and the positive impact we have enabled many businesses to achieve, please open a Support Ticket. 

Yes! We have designed our cloud servers to be customisable to meet your requirements.

At any time, you may upgrade your Cloud Server specification. 

Think of it as a SIM card for a mobile phone. You usually have two options –

  1. Pay As You Go (Hourly)
  2. Pay Monthly (Monthly)

Pay As You Go for us is our Hourly Billing. You top up your account with a credit balance, and then that credit is then deducted as you use it. Once your credit runs out, you must top it up to continue using the service.

Pay Monthly is our 30-day rolling service. You pay upfront, in advance for the resources your cloud servers will use for the next 30 days. When you choose to pay upfront under our Monthly Billing, we provide a discounted rate.

We have tried to simplify how our hourly billing works to make it easier for you to forecast your cloud server costs. 

Our Hourly Billing option is essentially like a pay as you go plan. If you decide to spin up a Cloud Server for a couple of hours or days, you will only be charged for what you use during that time. 

The mandatory items that you will be charged for are –

  • Number of CPUs,
  • Amount of Memory (RAM),
  • Total Disk Size.

Each item is charged at an hourly rate.

The rates below are per hour, excluding tax –

  • 1 CPU Core – £0.0032
  • 1GB Memory (RAM) – £0.0032
  • 1GB NVMe SSD Disk Space – £0.0005

Note: The above hourly pricing is subject to change, all amounts will be confirmed at the checkout.  

We base each month on a total of 730 hours.

In order to calculate your costs –

  • (No. of CPU Cores x 1 CPU Core Price) + (Amount of Memory x 1GB Memory Price) + (Total Disk Space Available x 1GB Disk Space Price) x Total Hours Utilised = Price excluding tax

Here is an example for a 2 CPU Core, 2GB RAM, 20GB Disk Space VM that is active for 7 days.

  • (2 CPU x £0.0032) + (2GB RAM x £0.0032) + (20GB Disk x £0.0005) x 168 Hours = £3.83 excluding tax

Hourly Billing requires you to add credit to your 5wire Networks account. Any billable usage of your Cloud Servers will be automatically deducted after a couple of days from your credit balance. 

You may add credit using any of the payment options available.

You will receive a notification if your credit balance drops below a certain amount. If you are paying with a Credit Card, you may set up automatic top-ups to ensure your services are not disrupted. 

If you run out of credit, your service will be suspended immediately. 

Our team and equipment is all based in the UK.

All of our servers are located across multiple data centres in Central London with dedicated connections between each location to provide the high availability cloud cluster.

All data centres have high levels of security and clearance requirements in order to ensure your data/equipment is secure.

A Virtual Server requires a certain level of technical understanding in order to manage. 

We are always happy to discuss your requirements to advise the best solution for your use case. Feel free to contact our Support Desk.

No. You may cancel your Cloud Server at any time. You may cancel your Cloud Server at any time with no minimum notice. 

We do offer fixed term agreements with longer commitments if you are looking for longer term security. Please contact our Support Desk to discuss your requirements and find out more information.


Yes! There is no limit to how many cloud servers you may purchase.

We support all Linux and Windows based operating systems.

During the Order Process, if you do not see an OS that you require, please order a Linux OS and create a Support Ticket. One of our team will be available to assist you. 

Most likely, yes! 

We suggest to contact our Support Desk and one of our team will be able to understand your requirements and advise how we are able to help. 

Once you have registered an account with us, you will be able to add credit to our Billing Panel – https://billing.5wire.co.uk/clientarea.php?action=addfunds


There are many options to pay for your hosting services –

  • Debit Card/Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express,
  • PayPal
  • Crypto Currency
  • Bank Transfer