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How to install your Joomla website

Here’s a guide to setting up Joomla using cPanel:


  1. Web Hosting: Ensure your cPanel account includes MySQL database and FTP access.
  2. Download Joomla! Visit the official Joomla! website and download the latest version compatible with your hosting.


We’ll cover two methods:

  • Manual Installation: Uploading files and creating a database.
  • Softaculous Installer (if available): A one-click installer offered by many cPanel providers.

Manual Installation

Create Database & User

    • Log in to cPanel.
    • In the “Databases” section, find “MySQL Databases” or “MySQL Database Wizard” and click on it.
    • Create a new database for Joomla.
    • Create a new user with permission to access this database. Note the username, password, and database name.

Upload Joomla Files

      • In the “Files” section of cPanel, access “File Manager”.
      • Locate the public_html folder (your website’s root directory).
      • Click “Upload” and choose “Choose File” to select the downloaded Joomla! archive (usually a .zip file).
      • Upload the archive and extract it within the public_html folder using the File Manager’s extraction tool.

Run Joomla Installation

        • Open a web browser and navigate to your website’s URL (e.g.,
        • You’ll be redirected to the Joomla! installation wizard.
        • Follow the on-screen instructions, providing:
          • Site Name: Your website’s name.
          • Database Settings: Use the database name, username, and password you created earlier.
          • Administrator Settings: Choose a strong username and password for your administrative access.
          • Email Settings: Enter your email address for important notifications.
        • Complete the installation by following the remaining prompts.

Softaculous Installer

Access Softaculous

  • In cPanel, locate the “Software” section and the Softaculous icon.

Find Joomla

  • In the Softaculous interface, search for “Joomla!”

Install Joomla

  • Click on “Joomla!” and then “Install”.

Configure Installation

  • Choose the installation domain and directory (usually leave blank for root installation).
  • Enter your website name and description.
  • Configure the database settings using the details you created earlier (database name, username, password).
  • Set a strong administrative username and password.
  • Review the remaining options and click “Install”.


Admin Login: After installation, navigate to and log in with your created administrative credentials.

Website Management: Explore the Joomla! administrator panel to manage your website’s content, menus, extensions, and configurations.


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