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Creating your reseller hosting packages with cPanel Web Host Manager

WHM (Web Host Manager) allows you to manage various aspects of your web hosting server, including creating hosting packages for your clients. These packages define the resources (disk space, bandwidth, etc.) and features (email accounts, databases) available to each client.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating hosting packages in WHM:

1. Accessing WHM

  • Log in to your WHM interface. This is typically accessed by entering “server_ip/WHM” in your web browser’s address bar (replace “server_ip” with your actual server’s IP address).
  • You’ll need to log in with a user account that has the “Add/Remove Packages” privilege.

2. Navigating to Package Creation

  • Once logged in, locate the “Packages” section in the WHM navigation menu on the left side.
  • Within “Packages,” you’ll find the option to “Add a Package.” Click on this to start creating a new package.

3. Defining Package Details

  • Package Name: Enter a descriptive name for your new package that reflects the resources and features it offers.
  • Resources: This section lets you specify the limits for various resources allocated to users on this package. Common options include:
    • Disk Space Quota (MB): Set the amount of disk space each user can utilize.
    • Bandwidth (MB): Define the monthly bandwidth allowance per user.
    • Inodes: Specify the number of files and directories users can have.
    • Email Accounts: Set the limit on the number of email accounts allowed per user.
    • MySQL Databases: Define the number of MySQL databases users can create.
    • You can enter specific values, “unlimited” for no restrictions, or “0” to disallow a particular resource.

4. Configuring Settings

  • Dedicated IP: Choose whether users on this package can have a dedicated IP address (additional configuration might be required).
  • Options: Here, you can enable/disable features like CGI access, Shell access, etc.
  • Theme: Select the default cPanel theme users will see upon login.
  • Feature List: Assign a feature list that determines which cPanel functionalities users can access. You can manage feature lists within WHM’s Feature Manager.
  • Locale: Set the default language for the cPanel interface for users on this package.

5. Finalizing the Package

  • Once you’ve configured all the settings according to your needs, click the “Add” button to create the new hosting package.

Additional Tips

  • WHM allows you to create multiple packages catering to different client needs (basic, business, etc.).
  • Consider your server’s overall resources when setting limits for individual packages.
  • You can modify existing packages by navigating to “Packages” and selecting “Modify a Package.”


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