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How to change the font in WordPress (for any theme)

One of the biggest headaches for many site owners is how to change WordPress fonts across the entire site. This is more pronounced particularly if you’re new to the platform. Here are the different ways on how to change the font in WordPress for your site.

Use a theme with a customization functionality

Largely, how WordPress handles typography depends on your theme. For instance, if you’re using Astra, you’ll find the ‘Typography’ option on the menu options under ‘Customize’. The theme makes it possible to set a universal font for your header and body sections and modify elements such as text size. But, if you’re using a stock theme such as Twenty Twenty, you won’t have this functionality.

There’s a new WordPress feature for block-based native WordPress themes such as Twenty Twenty Two that offers some wiggle room to modify site typography. However, this feature, dubbed Full Site Editor is still in beta mode and isn’t accessible on all themes. 

Recommended: change font in WordPress using a plugin

This option is bound to work for most use cases across different native or third-party WordPress themes. As is pretty much always the case with WordPress, if you can imagine it, there’s probably a plugin for it, and changing fonts is no exception.

Easy Google Fonts is just as its name suggests – pretty much hassle-free. This plugin enables you to load over 600 free-to-use and web-safe fonts onto your site. No matter what your site is about and how you’ve approached your brand identity, there’s a high chance you’ll find a font to match.

Install the Easy Google Fonts plugin from your WordPress dashboard under ‘Add New’ within the ‘Plugins’ menu. Simply search for the plugin, install it, and click ‘Activate’.

Once activated, go to the plugin settings from the Settings tab and select the ‘Manage with Live Preview’ option. This should launch the Customizer. You will then be able to explore font settings from the ‘Typography’ menu option to the left of your screen.

Under this, click on ‘Default Typography’ and change the font family and settings for your WordPress site’s headings and body sections.

Change WordPress font with a theme builder

If you’re just starting out, an option to consider would be a theme builder. Theme builders essentially make it possible to make a custom theme sans coding expertise, mostly in the form of a ‘drag and drop’ experience. Popular examples are Elementor, SeedProd, and Beaver Builder. Just note that while they offer free versions, some key features aren’t accessible unless you’re on a paid pro version.

If you want to change the font in WordPress for your website, this shouldn’t have to be a painstaking process. Using themes that offer typography customization such as Astra, plugins, or theme builders can help make the process more manageable. If you’re looking to make further enhancements to boost your site, consider getting better, faster, and more secure WordPress hosting with 5wire with just one click.


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