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cPanel Web Hosting from just £1 per month!

cPanel is the number one choice for Web Hosting control panels. Combined with a great user interface, and an easy to use interface, cPanel has become the natural choice for most personal and business customers! One of the most common questions we are ALWAYS asked…

Why cPanel?


cPanel is continually being updated and improved, this level of interest and a strong user base makes suggestive features a great way for the hosting industry to provide end users with a platform they wish. Not only this, cPanel combines an amazing set of integrated features that allow us to provide our customers with a quality service, and at an affordable price.


As cPanel is regularly updated, it ensures files are safe and secure with the latest patches and software versions. cPanel has a range of features that provide strong security protection against brute forcing, and potential shell attacks. In addition to this, software firewalls such as CSF provide a great solution to help manage who and how people access your servers.


As a CloudFlare certified partner, we find this one of the most popular cPanel Addons on the market, with our customers regularly taking advantage of such a great piece of software that improves and secures your website. With a global CDN, CloudFlare lets customers maximise their global reach and potential.

E-Mail Management

Combing browser based clients, with POP3, SMTP and IMAP services, cPanel lets us provide users with a choice and flexibility. With built-in browser support from RoundCube, SquirrelMail, and Horde, users can easily login and manage their Email from any remote location, or device. The features available such as Holiday Message, Forwarders, Spam Guard and Anti-Virus provide individual email users the ability to manage their personal inbox.

File Management & FTP Management

The ease of management for a user’s files comes down to a simple browser based user interface, rich was features, and the ability to use FTP and SFTP to access and manage files accordingly. These two tools work hand-in-hand to make life much easier for editing and managing files. The FTP account management also lets cPanel be used as a central point for file storage and exchanges, providing the ability to use Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Statistics & Logging

The Statistics & Logging aspect of cPanel provides users with a variety of tools to manage their website, ensuring that user’s can easily monitor and manage their traffic and websites. We specifically provide AwStats and Webalizer. Although these tools are very powerful, we also recommend that user’s take advantage of Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools to maximise their website availability and accessibility via organic keywords.

Domain & DNS Management

The Basic and Advanced DNS features in cPanel allow users to take full control of their web hosting and domains. We find our demographic and range of customers varies so drastically, but the Advanced DNS feature of cPanel provides users with the power, and control to maximise the use of their domain.

Addon & Sub-Domain management becomes much easier with an interface that is clear, and concise. The ability to manage multiple domains on one account is a huge bonus for users who aim to keep everything under one roof.


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