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Upgrading to the latest jQuery version in WordPress

This guide will explore how to upgrade jQuery on your WordPress site to the latest version.

The importance of WordPress jQuery upgrades

jQuery is a script library that condenses numerous lines of code making it easier to use JavaScript. This is one of the ways to improve site performance and even search engine rankings. On WordPress, this script library powers many of the plugins used. For this reason, you should ensure that the latest version is running on your WordPress website. Failure to do so could leave your site vulnerable to security issues arising from vulnerabilities and bugs.

If you’re currently running the latest WordPress version, these upgrades should be automatic. However, users on older versions of WordPress need to upgrade manually. 

Method 1: Use an upgrade plugin

  1. Open your WordPress admin console
  2. Click on Plugins then Add New
  3. Use the search feature to look up a jQuery upgrade plugin
  4. Install your plugin of choice and activate it

Method 2: Use the WordPress version control plugin

Alternatively, you can utilize a plugin that enables you to control the version of jQuery running on your site. The jQuery Version Control plugin ensures the code works while maintaining site stability.

  1. Under Plugins click Add New
  2. Search for ‘jQuery version control’
  3. Install the Version Control plugin and activate it

Once activated, the plugin will enable you to choose the version of your choice. Moreover, there is a migration feature which makes it possible to ensure compatibility between newer and older versions. This goes a long way in minimizing disruptions to your site’s availability.


Now that you’ve upgraded to the latest jQuery version, you should enjoy faster load times, better SEO outcomes and a simpler coding process.


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