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How to migrate from VMWare to Proxmox

There are two main methods for migrating VMs from VMware to Proxmox: using the Proxmox VE Import Wizard (available in Proxmox VE version 8 or above) and manual conversion. Here’s a breakdown of both methods:

Method 1: Using Proxmox VE Import Wizard (Recommended)

This is the simpler method and works best for recent versions of VMware. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Prepare Proxmox

  • Ensure your Proxmox VE is on version 8 (or above) and updated.
  • Add an “ESXi” import source storage in Datacenter -> Storage -> Add.

Import VMs

  • Select the newly added ESXi storage in the resource tree.
  • The import panel will display available VMs. Choose the VM you want to migrate.
  • Click “Import” and configure settings like target storage and network bridge.
  • The wizard will import the VM.

Method 2: Manual Conversion

This method involves more steps but offers more control.

Prepare VMs

  • Shut down the VMs in VMware.
  • Consider removing VMware Tools and Bitlocker/disk encryption (if used).
  • Export the VMs as OVF files (optional, but recommended).

Transfer VM Files

  • Use tools like rsync or scp to transfer the VM disk files (vmdk) to your Proxmox host.

Create VM in Proxmox:

  • Create a new VM in Proxmox without hard disks.

Import Disks:

  • Use the qm importdisk command to import the vmdk files into the new VM.

Configure VM:

  • Set the virtual NIC type (ideally compatible with VMware).
  • Ensure the boot order is set to use the imported disk for booting.

Additional Resources:

Important Notes:

  • Always back up your VMs before any migration process.
  • The complexity of migration can vary depending on your VM configuration.
  • Consider testing the migration process on a non-critical VM first.

By following these steps and considering the resources, you can successfully migrate your VMs from VMware to Proxmox.


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