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How to install cPanel on your AlmaLinux Server

Here’s a tutorial on installing cPanel on AlmaLinux:


  • A fresh AlmaLinux installation (recommended for a smooth process).
  • Root access to your AlmaLinux server.
  • A cPanel/WHM license (you can find licensing information and trials on the cPanel website).


  1. Update your system: Ensure you have the latest packages and security updates by running:
sudo dnf update -y
  1. Install Perl: cPanel is written in Perl, so install it using:
sudo dnf install perl -y


Download the cPanel installation script:

Navigate to your home directory:

cd /home

Then download the script using curl:
curl -o latest -L

Run the installation script

Make the script executable:

chmod +x latest

Then run the script:


Follow the on-screen instructions during the installation process. You’ll need to provide your cPanel license information during this stage.


Access WHM: Once the installation is complete, you can access the Web Host Manager (WHM) interface using your server’s IP address and the WHM port (usually 2087) in your web browser. For example:


Log in using the AlmaLinux root user and password.

Re-enable Security (Optional): If you disabled the firewall or SELinux for the installation, remember to re-enable them to secure your server. Refer to AlmaLinux documentation for proper re-enabling procedures.

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