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How to find large files on RedHat, CentOS or Fedora Linux?

Unfortunately in Linux there is no single command that lets you find large files, however with the help of the Find command we can create a list of large files.

In this example, we are looking for files over 100mb in the /home directory.

Search for files in a directory, and sub-directories

cd /home

Then, we will search for files within the directory that are equal to or over 100MB

find . -type f -size +100MB -exec ls -lh {} ; | awk '{ print $9 ": " $5 }'

Sometimes analyzing large files from a huge directory is easier done by posting the results straight into a text file

find . -type f -size +100MB -exec ls -lh {} ; | awk '{ print $9 ": " $5 }' > 100mb.txt

Without navigating to the directory you want to search for large files, you can replace the . with the directory listing

find /home -type f -size +100MB -exec ls -lh {} ; | awk '{ print $9 ": " $5 }' > 100mb.txt


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