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How to build your very own WordPress theme

Building a WordPress theme from scratch offers a high level of customisation for your website, but it requires some coding knowledge. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

1. Set up a Local Development Environment

  • This creates a safe space to develop and test your theme without affecting your live site.
  • Popular options include “Local by Flywheel” or similar software.

2. Choose Your Approach

  • Starter Theme: A good foundation to build upon. Consider Underscores ( for a solid base.
  • Coding from Scratch: Offers maximum control, but requires strong PHP, HTML, and CSS skills.

3. Understand Theme Structure

  • WordPress themes rely on a combination of files to control layout, styling, and functionality.
  • Key files include:
    • style.css: Defines theme information (name, description, author).
    • Template files (e.g., header.phpindex.php): Control how content is displayed on different pages.
    • functions.php (optional): Adds custom functionality to your theme.

4. Develop Your Theme

  • Starter Theme: Follow the theme’s documentation to customise styles and layouts using HTML and CSS.
  • Coding from Scratch:
    • Create the theme folder with the required files.
    • Edit style.css with theme details.
    • Create template files to define your website’s structure and content areas using HTML with PHP for dynamic content.
    • Utilise functions.php for custom functions and functionalities (optional).

5. Configure and Test

  • Use your local development environment to test your theme thoroughly.
  • Ensure proper functionality and responsiveness across different devices.

6. Export and Upload

  • Once satisfied, export your theme folder as a compressed zip file.
  • In your WordPress admin panel, navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme.
  • Select your theme zip file and activate it.

Additional Resources

Remember: Building a custom theme can be complex. If you’re new to coding, consider using a starter theme or a pre-built theme with customisation options. There are also many resources available online to help you learn more about WordPress theme development.


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