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How to allow your cPanel Webmail users to reset their password?

This tutorial will show you how to enable a password reset for Webmail users in WHM/cPanel. 

You will only be able to proceed with this guide if you have WHM / Tweak Settings access, or access to the root account.

Step 1: Tweak Settings

  1. Once you have logged into WHM, go to Tweak Settings,
  2. Search for Reset Password for Subaccounts under the System category.

By default in cPanel, this is set to On. Some server admins set this to off for security reasons. 

Step 2: User Manager

Unfortunately within cPanel at the time of writing this article, there bit of a confusion when it comes to defining the email address to receive the Password Reset request. 

Naturally, you would expect Webmail to do this as there is a section for the Email User to put a backup email under Contact Information. However, if you go through the Reset Password journey, doing so you will receive an error –

In order for an Email User to be able to successfully reset their password, you need to –

  1. Login to cPanel,
  2. Select User Manager,
  3. Click Edit for the specific user,
  4. Enter the recovery email address under Contact Email Address.

Now go ahead and try the Reset Password request. You should receive an email from with a code to enter to verify the password reset request, and then be able to update the password for the email account. 


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