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Can I point my domain to your web hosting?

One of our most common support queries is whether you are able to register a domain elsewhere and use it with 5wire Networks’ awesome web hosting plans. The short answer, YES!

How do Domain Names & Web Hosting work?

Let’s break it down into 2 more questions –

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is simply an easy to remember name that you associate with your website. For example, for 5wire Networks, and for Google. Your domain name is a much easier than having to remember IP addresses all the time. Imagine if every website in your Bookmarks was a selection of 4 random numbers?! And now with IPv6, that is much more challenging to remember!

There are Domain Extensions (also known as TLDs) of all shapes and sizes that you can choose from; .com .ninja .biz .co .sexy .online … The list goes on!

Once you’ve chosen your domain, you have Nameservers to point to an IP address. In the case of 5wire Networks, with the domain – We point that to our nameservers – &

This is the same if you register your Domain Name with another provider – All you need to do is go to your DNS Control Panel or Nameservers and update them to 5wire Networks – it’s really that easy!

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is storage space on a server for you to place the HTML files for your website – Think of it as having your computer on 24/7 which the public can access – but only the safe website files remember!

Is there anything else I need?

Just a website – but there are people to help (like us) for that! Once you have chosen one of our awesome hosting plans, sign up and when you receive your Welcome Email, point your Domain Name to our nameservers as detailed in the email.

Our support team are always on hand to help if you have any questions!


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