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Why not become an Affiliate?

January 5, 2014, Written by 0 comment

Work In Partnership With Us.

Our Affiliate Scheme is designed to allow you to work in partnership with us to provide your friends, family, customers and website visitors with our web based solutions, with a little thank you commission in return.

We track people that you refer to our website via an Affiliate Link. Once they have clicked this, any purchases will be directly commissioned into your account.

All the resources you need to work in partnership come directly from our Advertising Library, giving you access to upcoming promotional materials to publish on your website, or even send via E-Mail or share via Social Media.

How It Works.

We pay you a one off percentage of each sale depending on the service. If multiple services are purchased, you receive the commissions at the rate per each service. All promotions and offers have been extended to be available on our Affiliate Scheme, with the commission being paid on the final checkout amount.

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James Ensor