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How to migrate your website from HostGator

There are two main approaches to migrating your website from HostGator to our Web Hosting:

1. Using a Manual Backup and Restore Process:

This method gives you more control over the process but requires more technical steps. Here’s a breakdown:

Backing Up Your Website on HostGator:

  • Login to your HostGator cPanel.
  • Locate the “Backup” or “Backup Wizard” section.
  • Choose “Full Backup” to create a compressed archive of your entire website, including files and databases.
  • Download the backup file to your local computer.
  • If your website uses a database (e.g., WordPress), access phpMyAdmin in cPanel and export the database.


Restoring Your Website:

  • Login to your new cPanel account.
  • Use the File Manager to upload the downloaded backup file from HostGator.
  • Extract the uploaded archive in the appropriate directory (usually the public_html folder).
  • If you exported a database, import it using phpMyAdmin in your new cPanel.
  • Update the database configuration files (e.g., wp-config.php for WordPress) with the new database credentials provided.

Additional Tips:

  • Test Your Website: Before switching your domain name to point to our servers, thoroughly test your website on the new server to ensure everything functions correctly.
  • DNS Propagation: After updating your domain’s nameservers to point to our hosting, allow some time (usually 24-48 hours) for the changes to propagate globally.
  • Keep a Backup: Always maintain a backup of your website, even after a successful migration.

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