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How to manage your team in cPanel

The long-awaited feature of cPanel! The Manage Team interface in cPanel allows you to create and manage secondary cPanel users to assist you with website management tasks. These team members can help with tasks like managing emails, databases, and website files, depending on the permissions you assign them.

Here’s a breakdown of how to use the Manage Team interface:

1. Accessing Manage Team:

  • Log in to your cPanel account.
  • Navigate to the “Preferences” section and locate “Manage Team.”

2. Creating a Team User:

  • Click on “Create Team User.”
  • Provide a username for the new team member.
  • Enter their email address.
  • Decide whether you’ll set the password or allow them to choose one during setup.
  • Assign appropriate roles based on their responsibilities (explained in detail later).
  • Review the security risk warning and check the box to acknowledge.
  • Click “Create” to add the new team user.

3. Team User Roles:

cPanel offers various roles you can assign to team users, granting them specific access levels:

  • Administrator: Full control over your cPanel account.
  • Database: Manages databases like MySQL for your cPanel account.
  • Email: Administers email accounts, mailing lists, and routing.
  • Web: Manages website functionalities and files.

4. Managing Existing Team Users:

  • In the “Manage Team” interface, you’ll see a list of existing team users.
  • For each user, you can perform actions like:
    • Edit User: Modify password settings and assigned roles.
    • Suspend User: Temporarily disable the user’s access.
    • Delete User: Permanently remove the user and their access.

By effectively using the Manage Team interface, you can delegate tasks and streamline website management with your team.


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