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How to download a backup from cPanel?

This guide will show you how to download a backup from cPanel. 

Every night, cPanel takes a backup of your website, databases, emails, DNS, and account configuration. We retain backups for up to 3 months to make sure that you always have a copy of your files in the event that you need to restore an older version. Alternatively, if you’ve made some changes since the last nightly backup run, you can run a backup on demand which will save in your /home directory or to an FTP/SFTP destination you select.

Step 1: Find the Backup tab

  1. Login to cPanel,
  2. Under Files, you will see the Backups tab.


Step 2: Download a Full Backup

Here you have 2 options.

Option 1: Download a Full Backup

This will ask cPanel to generate a backup time stamp when you click the button. To do so –

  1. Click Download a Full Account Backup,
  2. Select your Backup Destination,
  3. Enter your Email Address,
  4. Click Generate Backup,
  5. You will receive an email once completed. 

Option 2: Download an Account Backup

Under Account Backups, you will see a dropdown list. Each night cPanel makes a backup snapshot of your account. To download a nightly snapshot –

  1. Select the corresponding date from the Dropdown List,
  2. Click Download,
  3. The backup will be downloaded to your local machine.


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